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College Riding Canadian Style: Opportunities to Ride During Your Canadian College Experience by Amy Amento

Acandaian school 1re you an equestrian from ”The Great White North” thinking about riding in college? Canada offers a handful of colleges with 2 year diploma or certificate equine programs, as well as 4 year universities with riding teams. Whether you are looking to go to school to be a horse trainer, veterinarian, farrier or just want to be on the riding team, there are schools that will fit your needs.

After researching Canadian colleges, we have found that there are Equine Studies programs in just about every province. Also, most of these schools have their own riding teams. For example, Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia Read more…

Are Online Courses for You? Find Out Your Learner Style! by Amy Amento

laptop equestrianHave you ever thought of taking a course online? What about an equine course online? There are schools who offer these courses, as well as other courses, online. If you have never taken a course online or are unsure if you would benefit from an online course, you should find out your learner style.  Barbara A. Soloman and Richard M. Felder from North Carolina State University have put together a short questionnaire which allows you to find out what your style may be.

There are 4 categories of learners; Active or Reflective, Sensing or Intuitive, Visual or Verbal, and Sequential or Global.  Within these categories, you can be one or the other, or a mixture of both; everyone is a little of each sometimes.

Let’s take active and reflective learners for example; everyone is active sometimes and reflective sometimes, and a balance of the two styles is desirable. Your personal preference to one category or the other Read more…

My First Year Experience as an Equine Student by Amy Amento

As a high school senior you get asked331495_10150873710945013_350749944_o so many questions like; “Where are you going to college?”, “What did you pick for a major?” and my favorite, “You can go to school for that?” Yes, you can go to school to study horses and I did. I attended a small school smack-dab in the center of New York State, or what my friends liked to call; The Middle of Nowhere. To people like myself, who grew up with more people in their high school than enrolled in the whole college it may seem that way. I am from Connecticut, and going away to college had always been something I wanted to do and it was probably the best decision I ever made. Morrisville State College was a great choice for me and was the best home away from home I could have asked for.

As an Equine Science major, my courses as a freshman were basic, yet challenging and interesting to say the least. They ranged from Equine Stable Management to Judging to Western and Read more…


Using an Academic Consultant by Randi Heathman.

How do you know if your educational consultant is legit? The Equestrian College Advisor Randi Heathman discusses what to look for in your advisor……..

Read more…


My Ode to the College Riding Experience by Margaret Swanson

ms Read more…


Still Not Sure About Your Career Choice? Go to an Equine Expo and Explore Your Options!

Deciding on a career can be an overwhelming experience.  It is now estimated that the average person will change their careers 11 times before they retire.  So don’t be surprised if at the beginning of your work life you choose one path and then realize you want to make a detour.  Read more…


Book Review from High School Student Annie Ciampaglia

Doc 095I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a non horse friend off at college, “hey, does your school have an equine program?”  Most people don’t know if they do, while others are just shocked that people actually go to college “for horses.”  The fact is, horse back riding is not a well known college sport.  Read more…


Understanding the Re-Ride

Rule checkAs an IEA and USEF Steward I am often asked to explain the process of the “Re-Ride.” In this article I try explain the most often asked questions like Who Can Get A Re-Ride? And Why Can’t I Get One Too?

Read more…


Experience or Education for the Equestrian?

IMG_9640I have always loved horses, but when I was younger I could have never imagine having an equestrian career.  Physically demanding work, extreme hours and work emergencies are big, big, huge!  Employees with a more routine lifestyle or those that work in offices might consider a copy machine breaking down or a laptop crashing a normal work emergency.  But when a horse or student gets hurt or becomes ill, well that is a real emergency!   I just couldn’t imagine that sort of life style.  Read more…


A Leg Up for Students with Learning Challenges by Randi Heathman

0d10fe27-6815-4344-b75b-0f7d8e4b745fMy colleagues and I are often contacted by the parents of students with learning challenges who want to know what colleges and universities can offer their son or daughter the best learning support services over the course of their four years – as well as offering a great equestrian experience.  Read more…

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